As businesses invest more in automation and AI, the role of recruitment agencies is changing. Where once the focus was on purely transactional tasks, AI is now allowing organisations to take a more strategic approach to hiring.

AI-powered platforms can help US companies source and manage more effectively by using data to make better matches. As well as to reduce wastage and increase efficiency.

One of the key advantages of AI in nearshore staffing is the ability to match candidates with roles more effectively. This is thanks to the vast amount of data that can be processed by AI algorithms, which allows for a much more detailed and nuanced understanding of each candidate.

Another benefit of AI in offshore IT recruitment is the ability to automate high-volume tasks. This includes managing the applicant pipeline, scheduling video interviews, and composing emails in bulk. This frees up time for nearshore recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks, such as building relationships with potential hires. Typically a recruiter would either spend too much time going through each and every applicant’s resume and portfolio or be in a time crunch and not be able to revise every application. Now, AI and automation can easily go through each applicant in moments, and filter out the candidates who do not meet the criteria.

Overall, the use of automation and AI in offshore IT recruitment is making the process more efficient and effective. This is benefiting both businesses and candidates, who are now able to find better matches for their skills and experience.

What do you think? Would you integrate AI and automation in your company’s hiring process? At Talentus we still believe in the power of human interactions. This technology would be perfect to filter through candidates. However, our expert recruiters would still be the ultimate deciding factor. Let us know in the comment section of our latest post on Instagram. Staff your company’s next project with Talentus, find out how here.