This week the tech giant showed us what the vision for AI technology will be at Alphabet Inc. Google is taking its well known AI assistant and chatbot technology and combining it with physical technology in the form of robotic arms and eyes.

Initially, seeing this prototype is a sneak peek into the future. however, most of us have seen the robot waiters at select locations bringing food to the table. This is the next step, as it now has scanners and limbs to mimic human behaviour when serving food. These Google-bots will be able to perform very simple physical tasks, as shown in the presentation like grabbing a soda can or opening a door. The robots however, do not have the Ok Google assistant installed just yet. Some are skeptical about how this technology will serve us. Google has been known to listen into our conversations, the question is what will these robots really be used for.

Other tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are investing in this technology and will also be presenting their AI robots soon. The future is clearly going to be robotic, how will it affect our daily lives? For the most part, the goal of this technology is making our daily life easier. What would you like to see developed for our future? Let us know on our Instagram post.