What is nearshore outsourcing? First, we must understand what is outsourcing. Outsourcing is a business practice where companies look for service providers to fulfill a process of a company. Usually, by outsourcing a process companies are able to reduce costs and transfer responsibility for that process to a company specialized in specific fields. The most thought of example of outsourcing has to be call centers overseas for big tech companies. 

When a process is outsourced overseas to regions like the middle east, Europe, or Asia, that is known as offshore outsourcing. Offshore refers to countries that are outside of the United States’ time zones. Hence, nearshore outsourcing refers to outsourcing a process or talent to a country within the US time zones. At Talentus we look to connect talented individuals within the IT industry from Latin American countries to companies in the United States hiring for IT roles. The shortage of talent in the United States right now allows for competitive salaries for experienced professionals from emerging Latin American countries. If you are looking to outsource a process or have vacant IT positions contact us today and let us handle the rest.